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Monday, August 16, 2010

Can't Wait to Suds It Up!

One of my favorite things about summers in the south has to be the abundance of high quality fruits and vegetables available. Trips to the State Farmers Market are a MUST...especially since I live so close. I haven't bought a tomato during the season that I didn't grow or buy at a market in YEARS...I'm not sure what those red things in the HT are, but they are nothing like the juicy goodness I can find elsewhere.

This week on my misadventure to the FM, my friend PreppyBumpkin and I headed out to see what we could scrounge up to take home with us.  Vegetables were bought, fun was had...still sad my sunflower seed bread is only available on weekends...Friday afternoon is the weekend to me, people!!

We also visited Anders Natural Soap Company for the second week in a row. I swear that place is like crack.....it all just smells so good. Last week I purchased 2 hydrogen (which I shared with two friends) and kept a lemon verbena shea for myself. (lemon verbena shea ingredients: tri-filtered water, saponified oils (olive, coconut and palm), shea butter, lemon verbena essential oil, and rosemary oil extract). I also picked up one of their tote bags...too cute...and part of the proceeds go to the NC Food Bank!

This week, PB and I moved on to lotion, though I think she got some soap as well. I purchased the honey almond lotion...and it smells good enough to taste. I have a serious addiction to anything that smells like an almond...even though I'm not the biggest fan of how they taste...weird, right? Unfortunately, my much coveted lotion went home with PB...you know us, when something says 3 for $25, we pool our resources to get the discount!!

Anders Natural Soap Co., NC State Farmers Market
If you are at the NC State Farmers Market....it would be well worth your while to go buy and visit Patricia at Anders Soap...they are at the very end of the big year-round Market Shoppes building. She'll tell you all about their products...they build everything from the most basic ingredient up...they don't buy bases and add fragrance...and she told us a bunch of process stuff that I will never understand and would probably mess up in the retelling, so I'll just go with...go see the expert...sniff some soap...support our local artisans and take some home!!

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