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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

"Well you know that it's going to be alright, I think it's gonna be alright. Everything will always be alright...when we go shopping. So shut up and don't stop. Let's shop, until we drop."

So last weekend was tax free shopping on certain items in North Carolina...thankfully clothes were counted in that group. I am tired just thinking about how much shopping was done. Friday, after a trip to the State Farmer's Market (yum), after a flurry of email that left my Droid smoking, an impromptu trip for 7, yes, you read that correctly, SEVEN, was planned for the Streets at Southpoint.

I may have a maniacal slight obsession with Anthropologie. That was my one condition for the trip. MUST go to Anthro. The two things I really wanted as if my life depended on it were not available in my size in the store.*insert sad, pouty face* So, as soon as I got home, and I mean LITERALLY as soon as I got home...I ordered them online.

Here's what I got....

The Birdie Bouquet Bolero, 1/2 price at $49.95

Fragrant Fields Scoopneck, 40% off at $24.99

Today will be like Christmas in August at my house! Like the stalker I am, I have been tracking these beauties for the past few days, and they are slated for delivery TODAY.  Super-fast shipping...have I mentioned how much I love Anthropologie??

After a crazy 11:00pm trip with B & K-Dawg to the harbinger of evil known as Wal-Mart (I still have nightmares), we decide to head home for part 2 of the adventure on Saturday....the Outlets in Smithfield.

Bright and early at 9:00 the next am, R arrives bearing coffee and doughnuts, and off we go for another shopping extravaganza...I ended up purchasing a garden flag proclaiming "Happy Fall, Y'all", 2 shirts for less than $35 at Banana Republic, and a cute work-appropriate dress at, of all places, Dress Barn.

After an after-birthday dinner trip to Kohl's with  the grandmother, and the use of my $10 Kohl's Cash on ANOTHER Oxo container, I made it home, crawled into bed and dreamt of sale tags and owning an Anthro hand-sewn bedspread.

Sunday came to pass and it was all I could do to pull myself off the couch to make meals...I needed a day of rest....all that shopping can wear you out, y'all!

Next up, the misadventures of Sarah & B at Anders Natural Soap....

Shopping by Barenaked Ladies

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