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Thursday, September 02, 2010

Coach = Cookies Falling from Heaven

I swear I don't shop as much as it sounds like I do! It's just that when life consists of work, work and oh yeah, some more work, the highlights tend to be when I take time to hang with the girls and indulge in some retail therapy.

Times have been pretty trying lately, so PB and I decided to take the morning off and visit the grand opening of the new Nordstrom Rack. With Starbucks in hand, we headed to Durham with dreams of sale items in our heads...and really, they were giving away free tote bags, so we HAD to go, right?? Uhm, yes. When we arrived, expecting there to be at most 100 of our nearest and dearest bargain hunting fiends in tow, we were SHOCKED to see the line wrapping around the building and down the block. There seriously had to be 600 or so people there...they were in line waaay down to David's Bridal. Can we say uhm, no? Even if we did get in fairly quickly it would be like girls gone wild Nordstrom style. I found this photo online and you can just barely see the line starting behind the SUVs.

So, sad and dejected, we decided to head back across the street to Target, Barnes & Noble and Anthropologie (where I scored an awesome pink and gray sweater for fall for $19.99). Hoping our luck was on the upswing after my fabulous Anthro find, we thought we would troll by Rack again, you know, just to check out the scene....and there was no line!!! Bargain mecca here we come!!!!

Over an hour and two happy customers later, Beth hit the jackpot with some great new clothes...I bought a Christmas present (yes, I'm almost 3/4 through with Christmas shopping) and this...this beauty is now MINE!! I've been on the look-out for a new watch, and because Coach is like cookies falling from the sky good, this one had to find its home on my wrist. There may have even been a squeal and PB elbowing her way to the counter to see if she could see the price for me. Bodily harm at Rack...she loves me :)

After lunch at Pei Wei...it was time to head back to work. Fun, right? Work where I was taken by surprise by a homeless man in our copy room yesterday? Yeah, really. That's another story for another day. Suffice it to say, I was startled, told to call the police and the man was picked up down the street. Although he wasn't where he was supposed to be, I really felt bad for calling the cops on him.

College football starts tonight, and tomorrow night my high school football team tries to make it 3-0...we're gonna get that state championship this year... I can feel it!! CALS Tailgate at the NC State game on Saturday...hope to see lots of faces I rarely see...and praying something positive happens for Carolina football, or I may just boycott everything until basketball!!

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  1. You know I'll do anything for you! Including fightin' Yankees at Nordstrom Rack to find the price on a Coach watch that SCREAMED your name. I heard it.

    The morning was totally work shifting hours and pulling a late day at work!

    Meanwhile, I'm S.A.D. that we work no locations together today. They are conspiring against us!