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Sunday, September 12, 2010

Some kind of wonderful....

This weekend has been the best I've had in a long while...and it's because I have done pretty much nothing but exactly what I wanted to. Don't want to take off the pj's, no problem. Feel like reading for 4 hours...heck yeah, bring it on. It was great...and I feel surprisingly accomplished. I was able to get all my laundry done..and SHOCKER...folded and put away...I tried out two new recipes which were definite keepers...mmmm homemade meatballs....I played with Winston....read a book...drank coffee....switched out my pocketbook for something a little more apropos for fall and even planned a couple of outfits for the week.

Ahhh...relaxation. It was great! Oh, I also discovered these naughty little things at Trader Joes...mint chocolate joe sandwiches. They take mint chocolate chip ice cream and make ice cream sandwiches out of them with the chocolate oreo-like cookies they have...they are sinful, but only have 120 calories...so not toooo bad, you know, if you stop at one...which I had a hard time doing. If I space them a couple of minutes hours apart, that counts as being good, right?

Now I shall sit here with another cup of coffee and enjoy The Jersey Shore and VMAs...and laugh.

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