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Thursday, July 29, 2010

"Butterfly in the sky, I can go twice as high...take a look....it's in a book...a Reading Rainbow"

In my opinion, every little girl needs a puppy to snuggle with. Sasha and Malia Obama are no exception. With the campaign trail a daunting task to most adults, I can only imagine what it is like for two little girls who are used to having both mommy and daddy tuck them in every night. When I heard the Obamas promised their girls a puppy when they moved into the White House, I was thrilled for them. What would they pick?? I have to say Bo was an awesome choice. He is adorable. I may harbor the idea that he and Winston could be BFFs....frolicking around on the south lawn together. Chasing squirrels and sniffing at the kitchen garden. Ahhh...if only....

So, when I heard they were publishing a book just about Bo, how could I not think this was full of awesomeness?? I have placed my order and my own copy of The First Pup should be arriving soon.

I may have a soft spot for children's literature. I was only a couple of classes short for a minor in CL when I graduated, but to stay on the 4 year plan, there just wasn't time. I love the classics...I could read Little Women and To Kill a Mockingbird over and over never tiring of where they take me. I've read all the Harry Potter books at least twice, and Where the Wild Things Are is a favorite as well as all the Shel Silverstein books. Don't even get me started on Nancy Drew or Beverly Cleary's ability to get me through my middle school years or Dr. Seuss and the vivid images he invokes or Alice in Wonderland or Bridge to Terabithia or or or....ok so yeah, you get my point. I have a problem with books...bookstores are one of the places I can never leave without spending $100. I even bought a Barnes and Noble Nook trying to make my "habit" a little easier on the wallet...it has helped, but there is just something about holding a book in your hand that can't be replaced.

It's almost time for school to begin, so the next time you are in Borders, make sure you pick up one of the books they are selling for school children who can't afford them otherwise. It's a quick and simple way to share the love of reading with our next generation and to support those who, unlike me, can find the words that take us into a land of imagination....transporting us to another place or time...

Post song: Reading Rainbow, PBS


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