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Friday, July 30, 2010

"Fashion! Turn to the left! Fashion! Turn to the right! Ooh Fashion!"

Can I tell you just how ready I am for cool weather? These days of 100 degree weather are KILLING me! Summers in the south, complete with frizz inducing humidity may well be the death of me. You would think since I have lived here my entire life, I would get used to it...but no....not yet...probably not ever.

So, in preparation for fall, I've been scouting around for some new duds to don. I lost some weight this summer, so I'm going to need some new things to fill out my wardrobe. Exciting!

Here's what I've found that I'm loving so far....

White House Black Market, $98

Macy's, $79.50

Anthropologie, $118
Great with jeans or dressed up for work! LOVE!

Ok, everything I am digging is gray or black...time to bring on some color.....

Tweak, $95
These necklaces are handcrafted with real dipped orchids...I neeeed one!!

KMart, Pleated Shrug, $49.99

Nordstrom, $91.90

Zappos, $67.46

Zappos, $87.45

Post Song: Fashion, David Bowie

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